What is the purpose of a driving test?


The Road safety Authority offers a wealth of useful guidance about the purpose of and preparing for you driving test.  Here are some tips from the leaflet https://www.rsa.ie/Documents/Learner%20Drivers/Preparing_driving_test_DL_v2.pdf about the purpose of the di=riving test.

What is the Purpose of a Driving Test?

The driving test is designed to find out if you:

  • Know the Rules of the Road
  • Have the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with those rules
  • Drive with due regard for the safety and convenience of other road users

Preparing for your driving test you should:

  • Study carefully the Rules of the Road booklet
  • Get tuition from an Approved Driving Instructor.

A list of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) who have been approved
as reaching a high standard can be found by visiting www.rsa.ie.

  • Practise driving as much as possible on all types of roads and in all types of traffic situations, including driving at night
  • Build up your driving experience and confidence before applying for your test
  • Look out for the RSA suite of Learner Driver manuals which are for sale in bookshops for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses.


  • Unnecessarily obstructing traffic or causing annoyance to other road users
  • Practising on driving test routes for the most part; congestion on these routes causes inconvenience to residents and test applicants alike.