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Driving quiz No 1.

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When the driver in front of you is turning right, when you intend to turn left, when the vehicles in the lane on your right are moving slow.
To traffic on the right and traffic and traffic already turning.
Each side of the island is a separate crossing.
Must not be used between the hours of 11.30 p.m. and 07.00 a.m. in a built- up area, except in an emergency.
When meeting oncoming traffic when following close behind another vehicle, on continuously lit roads, at the beginning and end of lighting up hours or in fog or snow.
Stopping and parking prohibited (except by buses or taxis) for a period indicated on the sign.

Driving quiz No 2

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A broken yellow line marks the edge of the road (also known as the hard shoulder)

No parking at certain times, generally during working hours.

Near a bend, the brow of a hill, a humpback bridge, at a continuous white line, where your vehicle would obstruct a sign, at a bus stop, opposite another vehicle on a narrow road or at a taxi rank.

At a bend, a junction, the brow of a hill, a humpback bridge at a continuous white line, or anywhere your view of oncoming traffic is restricted.

Allow one metre for each m.p.h and double if the surface is wet or observe the “two second rule”.

Road sign test No 1

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